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A logo is a not just a symbol, it tells a story about your brand. At BYI Design, we pride ourselves in making sure you have the best possible logo. We use multiple designers and offer many initial concepts to ensure that you end up with the perfect logo. If you don’t like our initial concepts, we will offer you new concepts at no extra charge. We do not stop until you are satisfied!

BYI’s Logo Design Process:

Step 1: Finding a Common Ground


Our initial 15-question survey lets clients outline some basic expectations about their specific needs, giving the BYI team an initial framework to focus its efforts and create some initial concepts. In this step, BYI seeks to identify a specific direction to follow for the remainder of the design process, putting the client and the design team on common ground. Below you can see the initial drafts for WorldWide Live Media’s logo design.

Step 2: First Impressions


This is the first step in our continuous feedback loop. After the clients provide some feedback on the initial drafts, BYI clarifies the clients’ demands on a much finer level (i.e. colour combinations, physical proportions, and other visual details). In our example, WorldWide Live Media responded positively to the first two designs, so subsequent concepts sought to combine the primary distinguishing features of the first two drafts while providing the company with additional opportunities to voice their opinions on the current direction of the design process.

Step 3: Relentless Refinement


By maintaining a constant, two-way conversation with the client, BYI gradually refines the chosen design template on a more detailed level. The designs shown below display a consistent visual layout and colour scheme, but allow the client to alter minute artistic effects and intricacies of the font, such as the exact shape of the “W” and “L”.

Step 4: Building Your Brand


Once the final design is approved by the client, BYI will help build a strong, comprehensive brand identity to give clients a prominent visual presence on a number of mediums. BYI will help the client maximize brand exposure by creating visually-appealing, professional business cards, envelopes, brochures, and websites to maximize the businesses’ potential. For more details on BYI’s services, please visit the Graphic Design page and see how BYI can help develop and expand your brand identity.

Please check out our Corporate Identity Packages to learn more about pricing.